About Reformer

The Reformer is the most popular & versatile piece of Pilates equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. It consists of a carriage that moves back & forth along tracks within a frame. The resistance is provided by your body weight & a set of springs attached to both the carriage and the platform. It facilitates hundreds of mobilisation, strengthening & stretching exercises.

Under trained supervision you will have a safe, enjoyable & truly effective workout.

Having gained years of experience working as a Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor I have found the Reformer to be perfect for combining these two elements.

Reformer 4 Fitness – an Exclusive Experience

The Reformer helps develop; Articulation, Balance, Flexibility, Stability & Strength. The various spring combinations creates resistance & assistance, as appropriate to the individuals stage in their fitness journey and their fitness goals.

Having working in gyms & various fitness settings, the initial contact with new clients is about reassuring them of the environment they are about to work out in. The majority of people I have worked with are not comfortable in a gym or class setting.

It is a joy to be able to offer quality workouts in a beautiful, calm studio. One Ash is situated at the end of a sweeping, tree-lined driveway. It is a magnificent country house & gardens dating back to the Victorian era. Situated in Quorn, one of Leicestershire’s most attractive and historical villages, One Ash is a hidden gem spread across 13 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds.

Reformer 4 Rehabilitation – Aiding Recovery & Supporting Training

Amongst many things, injuries can be frustrating, particularly if you were making progress on a planned fitness programme or training for a specific event. We can use the supportive structure of the Reformer to deliver the strength & conditioning element of your training, under the guidance of a qualified Personal Trainer while preventing the worsening of an injury.

Reformer 4 Illness – Maintaining Fitness while Living with Illness

Being a Personal Training I have the privilege to work along side a number of people suffering from a range of illnesses & conditions. I understand that being diagnosed not only impacts a person physically, but mentally too. The right level of activity can elevate pain, as well as lift the spirits. For someone living with conditions such as; Arthritis, Asthma, COPD, Type II Diabetes & MS, as well as those recovering from a Stroke, having the opportunity to participate in physical activity can become a lifeline.

Please be reassured that all medical constraints & medications will be taken into consideration and respect given to how you feel before, during and after the session. An initial consultation will involve detailed questioning & assessment to determine a participants readiness to exercise, assessment becomes a continuous element throughout the session to maintain the well being of the participant.

Every endeavour has been made to meet individual needs, however it is with regret that at this point in time the sessions are not accessible to those dependent on mobility aids such as wheelchairs or motorised scooters.